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Research Department of Rural Economy

Sep 04,2013

This department studies rural reform and development issues in regards to coordinated rural-urban development, institutional reforms, economic restructuring of agriculture and rural areas, and rural administration.

It evaluates the rural economic situation and policy implementation, supply and demand of agricultural products, changes in rural markets, food safety and related policies, international trade of agricultural products, rural incomes and consumer spending, rural land reforms, improvement of rural land ownership, farmer cooperative organizations, reform of rural financing, agricultural infrastructure, environmental construction, scientific and technical progress in agriculture, developing rural non-farming industries, the shift of rural labor to non-farm sectors, employment rights of migrant workers from rural areas, small town development, rural education and health care, poverty, and democratic processes and legal systems at the rural level.

The research emphasizes field surveys and departmental cooperation. The department provides proposals to the central government to aid in policy-making. The department also engages in extensive international cooperation and exchanges. Its research findings and policy recommendations are forward-looking and operational.

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