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Research Department of Social Development

Sep 04,2013

The main functions of the Research Department of Social Development are:

- Undertake research on social issues related to economic development

- Explore the methods and development trends in providing public goods and social services under the institutions of the socialist market economy

- Provide recommendations for social policies and economic policies in order to achieve sustainable economic and social development in China

The main research fields include:

- Models for reforms on social welfare and the security system

- Changes in income distribution since reform and opening-up

- Impacts of institutional reform and economic restructuring

- Future trends in the development of the Chinese population and possible impacts on the economy, social security and employment

- Models for reforming government institutions in the sectors of science and technology, education, culture and health care

- Historical and institutional causes of current social conflicts in China, as well as future trends and ways to reduce conflicts and maintain social stability

Based on the study of the above issues, views and suggestions will be put forward so that corresponding policies and measures can be adopted.

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