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Research Department of Innovation Development

Sep 04,2013

The main functions of this department are focused on study of innovation-driven strategies, institutional mechanisms, and related policies and theories. Its research fields include innovation and economic growth, national and regional innovation system and the cultivation of innovative elements, mid- and long-term strategy and plan of science and technology development, development of hi-tech industries, strategies and organizations of upgrading traditional industries, strategies and policies of intellectual property right, innovation policy evaluation and major projects demonstration and investment and financing institutional mechanism.

While focusing on issues relating to institutional reform, innovation-oriented mechanism and policy mix, the department gives first priority to the integrated development of technology with economy as well as with industries. In light of economic performance and sci-tech development in the new era, the department has conducted follow-up and advanced studies on a number of major issues and achieved tangible results. In the course of its research work, the department has established sound cooperation with related government departments such as National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, State Intellectual Property Office, State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, relevant local governments, academic and business circles, and made collaboration and exchanges in various forms with a number of international organizations.

Its research covers the following fields:

1. Innovation and economic growth

Strategies and institutional mechanisms of innovation-driven growth;

Optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and development of productive forces;

Enterprise innovation and new areas of economic growth;

Innovation measurement theories and methods;

Analysis of innovation and productivity;

Regional and industrial innovation performance evaluation.

2. National and regional innovation system and environment

National innovation system and policies including institutional reform of science and technology, policy integration of fiscal, financial, technological, educational, and industrial fields;

Strategic planning of innovation-oriented cities and high- tech zones;

Cultivation and development of innovation elements;

Open-oriented mechanism and policies to promote corporation and innovation;

Establishment of innovation-oriented service system and platform.

3. Strategy and planning of mid- and long-term development of science and technology

Advanced study of national mid- and long-term strategy and planning of science and technology development ;

Follow-up study and forecasting of the development of strategic and newly-emerged industrial technology;

Industrial technology policy in the context of globalization and international competition;

Mechanism and policy of technology transfer and cooperation;

Strategy of technical standards.

4. Strategy and organization of hi-tech industries development and the transformation as well as upgrading of traditional industries

Strategy and policies of hi-tech and newly-emerged industries development including aerospace, information and communication technology, biotechnology, oceaneering, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, and hi-tech service industry;

Transformation of traditional hi-tech industries including equipment manufacturing industry, textile, building materials, house appliances, and petrochemical industry;

New energy, energy conservation and environment protection including nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy and energy efficiency management;

Strategy and policy of informatization;

Anti-monopoly and regulation.

5. Strategy and policy of intellectual property rights (IPR)

Establishment, application, protection and management of IPR;

Institution, policy and market environment of IPR;

Research on the implementation and assessment of IPR strategy;

Analysis of the development, innovation and industrial competitiveness of IPR.

6. Innovation policy evaluation and major projects demonstration

Analysis of technical, economic and social benefits of innovation policy;

Economic environment evaluation of national major technology industrialization projects;

Evaluation theory, method and application of major projects.

7. Investment and financing system

Multilevel financing channels to support innovation and business start-up;

Government investment system reform;

Infrastructure investment and financing policies and institutional mechanism.

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