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Research Department of Industrial Economy


This department researches industrial structure, organization, location, policy, competitiveness, government regulatory system, investment structure and policy for optimal industrial growth, and the relations among industries in the national economy and their coordinated development. In recent years, the Department focuses on the study of major issues including:

Evolution rules of industrial structure, transformation of economic growth mode, new path of industrialization, and issues in the national Five Year Plan that are related to industrial development.

Institutional reform, restructuring and regulation of monopolized industries, such as industries of electric power, railway, civil aviation and post.

Special research on the development planning, industrial policy and market structure of major industries such as energy, natural resources, transportation, automobile, electronics and information, iron and steel;

Research on issues such as planning for regional industrial development, industrial clusters, and enterprises strategy, etc.

Tracking research on industrial development, and has set up the industrial boom growth index and forecast model, and provide the monthly analysis report on industrial development.

In recent years, the Department has established the long-term partnership with a number of international organizations, foundations and multinationals.

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