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Research of Public Administration and Human Resources

Mar 06,2014

The main research fields of public administration and human resources include:

—Researching on overall, comprehensive, strategic and foresight issues concerning China's economic and social transformation. It serves the government’s policy-making efforts;

—Focuses on policy study, evaluation and interpretation on issues concerning public administration, such as public policies, public services, public budget, public crisis and management, involves issues concerning human resources, such as HR development and construction of talent teams, management of think tanks and development of Chinese entrepreneurs;

—Undertaking research programs entrusted by government departments, public institutions, enterprises and international institutions;

—Conducts training and exchange programs for human resources as well as introduces and develops advanced methods of human resources management. It undertakes short-, medium- and long-term training programs for staff of the DRC and the policy consulting system nationwide, as well as for relevant overseas study and training projects. The IPAHR also organizes training programs sponsored by the Chinese government for government officials and researchers from developing countries.