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Operation of the U.S. Public Policy Evaluation System and its Implications(No.43, 2016)


Based on the Public Housing Policy of Massachusetts

By Shao Ting, Research Institute of Market Economy of DRC & Wang Jinzhao, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations of DRC

Research Report No.43, 2016(Total 4926) 2016-4-1

Abstract: The United States is one of the earliest countries in building up a major public policy evaluation system. We visited the Department of Housing and Community Development of Massachusetts (later abbreviated as “MA”), and exchanged views on its public housing regulation system and the operation of the public housing evaluation system. The public housing evaluation system of MA is known for its programmed,normalized, and authoritative performance. The government is in charge of the qualification review and pre-establishment evaluation, as well as the progress evaluation in the course of construction with the help of a computer aided system. Besides,an advisory committee composed of related stakeholders and scholars is in charge of the policy effect evaluation and ex-post regulation on the feedback from relevant departments. Viewed from the performance effect, this evaluation system has played an essential role in improving the public housing policy, as well as enhancing the effectiveness and pertinence of the policy. Thus, it has certain reference value for China in establishing and improving a reasonable public policy evaluation system.

Key words: public housing policy, evaluation system, the U.S., Massachusetts