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It Is the Right time to Let Brand Building Lead Structural Upgrading



By Long Guoqiang, DRC


It is the right time for the government to propose to give full scope to the leading role of brand building in pushing forward the supply-demand structure upgrading. It is quite appropriate to mention that China is a global manufacturing power whereas its brand building is quite weak. This fact is decided by a number of factors relating to China’s current development stage, the brand building awareness of enterprises, international cultural advantages, intellectual property rights protection and relevant issues. Now the government has attached great importance to brand building, as China’s economy is facing a new stage of transformation and upgrading. Domestically, a number of famous brands are needed to lead economic structure upgrading and internationally, due to tightened restrictions on environmental resources and the new round of industrial relocation, brand building has become a major part of international competitive advantages.

At current stage, the number of brands with international influence owned by China is quite limited. Corporate brands and national brands are interconnected, efforts should be made to develop foreign-related cultural industries and businesses should be urged to participate in international cultural competitions actively. In the meantime, China’s enterprises should be vigorously propelled to get fully recognized by international brand evaluation system and take an active part in international standards and evaluation system related to brand evaluation. The world has entered a brand economy era, and 20% of famous brands account for 80% of the total market share. If China wants to comply with the international trend, work should be done to bring into full play the role of government, enterprises, and businesses so as to advance the development of brand building to a new high. First, the government needs to enhance the national awareness to cultivate brand culture, accelerate the legal environment construction for brand building, encourage the cultivation of talents for brand development in colleges and universities, research institutions and enterprises and create China’s name brands in the world. Second, enterprises need to follow the rules of brand building. Third, business organizations and professional groups should play the role of links and ties for wider social connections.


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