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Policy Options on Upgrading Liaoning Province’s Equipment Manufacturing Industry in the New Era(No.149, 2017)

Dec 28,2017

By Wei Jigang, Research Team on Issues in Northeast China, DRC

Research Report, No.149, 2017 (Total 5224) 2017-11-13

Abstract: Equipment manufacturing industry is a major pillar industry of Liaoning province, and it also plays a significant role in the national industry. In recent years, the development of Liaoning’s equipment manufacturing industry is facing both long-term and short-term problems as well as some stern challenges. With the profound adjustment of global manufacturing pattern, the new round of scientific and technological revolution and China’s endeavor in becoming a manufacturing power, the upgrading of Liaoning’s manufacturing industry and its industrial position should be based on the domestic and overseas industrial pattern changes, choose development direction based on national strategy, market demand, regional division of labor and cooperation and industrial development rules, determine fields for making breakthroughs based on the current advantages and disadvantages and comprehensively improve quality-based foundation. Besides, it needs to enhance supporting measures and push ahead with service-oriented intelligence, green development and globalization. At the same time, efforts need to be made to ensure the cultural construction, the transformation of government functions, the construction of market mechanism, the improvement of business environment, the innovation incentive mechanism, the joint efforts made by the central and local governments, the further expansion of opening up and the improvement of logistics services.

Key words: equipment manufacturing industry, upgrading, Liaoning province