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National Park Management System Based on a Multi-Governance Pattern
 —— Research on the management system of national parks in France(No. 193, 2017)

Feb 08,2018

By Lin Jiabin, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report No. 193, 2017 (Total 5268) 2017-12-22

Abstract: Based on the experience of regional parks, a comprehensive reform on the management system of national parks in France was launched in 2006 and over the past ten-odd years the central government h as achieved relatively remarkable progress in its management work. Its main reform measures include: through institutional arrangements, the central government has encouraged local governments of various regions where the national parks are located to participate in the governance of national parks; with regard to the composition of the board of directors of national parks, the central government has made relevant laws and regulations to ensure that the representatives of local governments, social groups and farmer organizations take up the lion’s share in line with the concept of multi-governance; the central government has formulated related laws for promoting the cooperation between the management committee of national parks and the local governments, requiring the management committee of national parks to render a helping hand to relevant regions and enhance their development. In light of China’s national park system construction, China could draw the following enlightenments from French experience: the philosophy of the harmonious co-existence between men and nature, the institutional arrangements of multi-governance for cooperation and win-win results, and consensus-based procedural justice.

Key words: national parks, experience, enlightenments, France