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Current Social Governance in China: Difficult and Hot Issues and Countermeasures(No.33, 2018)

Mar 26,2018

By Li Jianwei, Li Lan & Wang Weijin, Research Team on “The Innovative Development of Social Governance in China”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.33, 2018 (Total 5308) 2018-2-22

Abstract: According to the opinions solicited from government-based research institutions from 31 province (autonomous regions and municipalities) in China, the current social governance in China is facing the following nine major issues. 1. The inadequate social governance theory during the social and economic transitional period has led to a number of baffling problems to be addressed. 2. The Central Government needs to integrate various social forces and mobilize the initiative of local governments to enhance social governance. 3. It is imperative for the government to establish relevant system and improve the social environment to enable social organizations and the people to participate in social governance. 4. The government needs to flesh out and standardize the multi-dimensional social governance model. 5. The government needs to promote social governance through ensuring and improving people’s livelihood. 6. The government needs to follow a community-oriented model, targeting the grassroots public in social governance work. 7. The government needs to expand more channels and innovate the mechanism for solving social conflicts. 8. The government needs to make best use of modern information and big data technologies to serve social governance. 9. The government needs to bring into play the active role of traditional culture in social governance. The key factors to promote the modernization of social governance include the building of a law-based society, the improvement of people’s moral integrity, the effective and equal provision of public services and the cultivation and expansion of social entities.

Key words: social governance, government governance, social organization, grassroots-level governance