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The Construction of the Basic Public Service System for Transient Population’s Personnel Files in China in the New Era: Development and Challenges(No.65, 2018)

May 23,2018

By Liu Lihui, Tian Linlin & Dong Dandan, Research Team on “Basic Public Service for Transient Population’s Personnel Files”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.65, 2018 (Total 5340) 2018-4-13

Abstract: The service for transient population’s personnel files is an important pillar for implementing the employment priority strategy and improving the social mobility of human resources. After over 30 years of development, China has established a public service network for mobile personnel files covering the whole country. The service content is constantly standardized, service facilities and platform windows keep improved, and information-based and digital file construction continue to be advanced. But there are some problems to be addressed. For instance, in face of the continuous increase of the number of transient population in the country, the transformation of institutional mechanisms is lagging behind, the level of information integration and interconnection is low across the board, the application of file value is weak and the nationwide unified service standards need to be promoted. In establishing a basic public service system for transient population’s personnel files in the new era, we need to give full play to the institutional advantage of the management of talents under the Party’s leadership, innovate the government’s provision of basic public services, optimize the distribution of service network outlets, strengthen information-based infrastructure construction, and effectively promote the transformation of transient population’s personnel files from administrative management to basic public service model.

Key words: transient population, personnel files, basic public service