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Retrospect and Prospect on the International Financial Market Performance Respectively of 2017 and 2018(No.60, 2018)

By Chen Ning, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

Research Report, No.60, 2018 (Total 5335)2018-4-2

Abstract: The year of 2017 witnessed a larger scale of global economic recovery. Disparity between the monetary policies of developed and newly-emerged economies loomed up, and factors including the economic policies of major countries and the changes in international geopolitics influenced the performance of international financial market. The stock indexes of major countries boomed up, bond prices kept stable, the U.S. dollar became depreciated and bulk commodity prices rebounded, the volatility of the international financial market was at a historical low point and the overall development trend of international market maintained stable. In the meantime, digital currencies such as bitcoin had arrested the attention of the market. Looking into 2018, the global economy is expected to maintain a sound performance and attention should be focused on the relatively high level of global debt, and the adjustment of the economic policies of countries like the U.S. and some Europe countries as well as geopolitical risks might lead to fluctuations in some regional or local financial market. With regard to the financial market, the global stock prices will have a minimum downturn, the bond prices will fall, the U.S. dollar will bottom out and the bulk commodity prices and BDI will slowly be pushed up.

Key words: international financial market, retrospect in 2017, prospect for 2018