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Policy Options on Merging Traditional Culture with the Building of Landscape Cities(No.71, 2018)

Jun 14,2018

By Niu Xiong, Hu Jie & Yang Xiaodong, Research Team on “A Comparative Study on Chinese and Foreign Culture and Cultural Genes of the Chinese Civilization”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.71, 2018 (Total 5346) 2018-4-23

Abstract: In Chinese civilization, the ancients already had in mind the relations between man and nature, and held that heaven and man were identical. Under such a concept, the pursuit of landscape cities had taken an important position in ancient city building philosophy, which helped improve the formation of China’s urban layouts in history. Currently, the rapid economic and social development has made many cities look alike, depriving cities of their respective features. Therefore, this paper puts forward the concept of “landscape cities” It holds that traditional culture needs to be merged into the modern urban buildings imbued with Chinese culture and landscape so as to create a pleasant living environment for the people. It indicates that the traditional Chinese culture and philosophy in the education for the major of urban and rural planning need to be fleshed out; the urban-rural planning and management as well as the integrated social and economic planning need to give expression to the inheritance of traditional culture and the natural colours of mountains and rivers need to be protected. In addition, efforts need to be made to proactively utilize the artificial landscape factors to create a better urban landscape with enriched cultural connotations.

Key words: landscape cities, traditional culture, education on planning and practice