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The World Economy in the Era of Great Adjustment

Jan 07,2019

By Long Guoqiang, DRC


This book gives an introduction to the Center for Reform and Development of Small Towns under the National Development and Reform Commission, which was once affiliated to the former State Council Office for Restructuring the Economic Systems, and is now a public institution directly under the National Development and Reform Commission. The Center has long been engaged in the drafting and consulting work of policy documents about urbanization drive for CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and has provided some guidelines and relevant pilot experience on development and reform for a number of cities and small towns. The Center has formulated a good number of plans for township governments at various levels on social and economic development, space technology application and land management, and has organized large-scale international forums on urbanization and urban development on many occasions.

The book touches upon the following ten issues. 1. An analysis of the prospects of global economic growth. 2. The development trend of globalization and its impact on China. 3. The international trade pattern and its impact on China. 4. The development trend and influence of global cross-border investment. 5. The changing trend and influence of the international financial environment. 6. The status quo and development trend of global technological innovation and its impact on China. 7. The US economic performance and its impact on China. 8. The economic fundamentals and development trend of the EU economy. 9. An analysis and prospects of the main characteristics of Japanese economy. 10. The economic growth of emerging economies and its impact on China.