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Industrial Internet Platform: Development Path, Competition Pattern and Policy Options (No.72, 2021)

May 27,2021

By Hu Yulong & Wang Jinzhao, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, No.72, 2021 (Total 6137) 2021-3-26

Abstract: The industrial Internet platform has brought a brand-new development model for the transformation and upgrading of the global manufacturing industry, and it has brought an important opportunity for the leapfrog development of China’s manufacturing industry. With the continuous development of platform enterprises in China, it has been widely applied in all levels and links of the industrial system, and three development modes have been formed: the general platform, the vertical platform and the customized platform. These models differ in service sophistication, market share and long-term development strategy, and will co-exist for a long time. As the hub of resource interaction in manufacturing industry, the future platform will mainly evolve toward the direction of resource integration, software services and data analysis. At present, the development of the platform is facing problems such as imperfect business model, difficulty in building and promoting the data standard system, and insufficient support of market factors. Measures need to be taken to promote the high-quality development of the platform by building a regional development highland, improving and promoting the data standard system and strengthening the support of talents and market factors.

Keywords: industrial internet platform, application path, competition pattern, development direction