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Building and Improving Data Management System to Promote High-Quality Development of China’s E-Government (No.76, 2021)

May 27,2021

By Li Guangqian, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, No.76, 2021 (Total 6141) 2021-3-30

Abstract: The development of China’s e-government is facing major strategic transformation as it shifts from “centering on government services” to “centering on government data”. The key is to build a unified data management system. The system includes government affairs and processing of the affairs, government data and data resources, government data governance, public services and government data assets, and supporting policies and institutions. It is typically featured by the separation of government affair processing from government data, the focus on data, and the unification of government departments on data resources. The building of a government data management system is essential for the development of China’s e-government affairs and in line with the development trend of information systems, which can accelerate transforming data into elements and promoting the modernization of national governance capabilities. In this regard, it is necessary to develop a scientific and sound government data structure, establish management organizations for super-ministry reform, and build a standardized and effective government data management system.

Keywords: government data management system, government data structure, super-ministry system, data governance