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Three Problems Need to be Solved to Promote the Introduction and Application of the First Set of Major Advanced Technological Equipment (No.91, 2021)


By Li Yan, Research Team on “Improving Basic Capability of Industry and Modernizing Its Industrial Chain”, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.91, 2021 (Total 6156) 2021-4-20

Abstract: In recent years, the US trade war and science and technology war against China have seriously threatened the security and stability of China’s industrial chain and supply chain in key fields such as the integrated circuits and core industrial software. Therefore, accelerating the establishment of an independent, controllable, safe and efficient industrial chain and supply chain has become an unprecedented consensus in the industry. We believe that we need to make good use of the external pressure to make efforts from both the supply side and the demand side, and speed up making up for the existing shortcomings, improve the promotion and application mechanism for the first set of important domestic technological equipment, the first batch of domestic new materials and the first version of domestic software to promote the optimization and upgrading of the entire industrial chain through deepening reforms and policy innovations, which is an urgent requirement to hold the bottom line in the Sino-US competition, and also a strategic choice to promote the advancement of industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain. Taking the introduction of the first set of major technological equipment as an example, this paper puts forward policy options on improving and perfecting the long-term mechanism from five aspects in view of the trust problem in market selection, the competition problem in commercial expansion from 1 to N and the upgrading problem of technical crafts.

Keywords: major/important technological equipment, introduction and application, long-term mechanism