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Enhance the Management of Water Resources and Water Conditions in Xiong’an New Area by Referring to Typical Practices in Foreign Countries (No.125, 2021)

Jul 27,2021

By Li Weiming, Gu Shuzhong & Gao Shiji, Research Institute of Resource and Environment Policies, DRC; He Fan, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research

Research Report, No.125, 2021 (Total 6190) 2021-5-18

Abstract: The CPC Central Committee and the State Council has paid high attention to the water management in Xiong’an New Area. Over the past three years since its establishment, lots of basic work in water management has been done and initial results have been achieved, laying a solid foundation for the New Area’s water safety. From the middle-and-long-term perspective, with the future population agglomeration and economic and social development, the New Area is still faced with a continuous and severe constraint of water resources and environment, thus the water resource and water environment management system remains to be further developed and improved. In this regard, other countries’ typical practices such as Israel’s water demand management, Singapore’s multi-channel open-sourcing, Japan’s comprehensive management of water environment for Lake biwa, and European Union’s collaborative management of the Rhine river basin, could provide valuable reference for water- resource guarantee and water environment management in the New Area. To be specific, we need to first break the bottleneck of water resources by strengthening the water demand management; second, enhance the water supply stability by enhancing multi-resource planning; third, improve the Baiyangdian Lake’s water environment by strengthening the utilization of both internal and external resources; and fourth, ensure the basin water safety by consolidating the collaboration between the upstream and downstream supervision.

Keywords: water resources, water environment, management, enlightenments, Xiong’an New Area