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Establish and Perfect the Flood-Control Project Management System in Xiong’an New Area by Referring to Typical Practices of Foreign Countries (No.126, 2021)

Jul 27,2021

By Li Weiming, Gu Shuzhong & Gao Shiji, Research Institute of Resource and Environment Policies, DRC; Dai Xiangqian, Development Research Center, Ministry of Water Resources

Research Report, No.126, 2021 (Total 6191) 2021-5-18

Abstract: To consolidate the safety net for the Millennium Plan, the Xiong’an New Area is implementing series of major flood-control projects. The sustainable function and effectiveness of the flood-control project system depends more on management than on construction. In order to address the long-standing prevalent issue of “emphasizing construction while neglecting management” in the engineering construction field, it is necessary to establish and flesh out the flood-control project management system for the New Area. In this aspect, some countries’ typical experiences such as the Thames tide gate management system in the UK, the flood-control project management system in the Netherlands and the flood risk management system in Japan could provide enlightening lessons for the flood-control project management in the New Area. Specific experience includes the following: 1. Referring to the UK Thames tide gate management, we need to establish and form the management system of flood-control projects in the New Area and make full efforts to promote the information and intelligence building; 2. Referring to the UK and Dutch experiences in project management system, it is considerable to put the New Area’s flood-control projects under the direct management of basin institutions or even institutions of higher levels; 3. Referring to Japan’s flood risk management, we need to reinforce the New Area’s flood risk management and response capability.

Keywords: water resources, water environment, management, enlightenments, Xiong’an New Area