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Application Trends and Policy Options of Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Industry (No.174, 2021)

Aug 25,2021

By Hu Yulong, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, No.174, 2021 (Total 6239) 2021-6-28

Abstract: In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and the medical industry has accelerated and the application of AI in healthcare has seen remarkable achievements, serving as important driving forces for the upgrading of the industry. The smart transformation of the medical industry has become a clear trend amid innovative exploration of various AI medical applications. Currently, AI has been applied in key areas such as image analysis, diagnosis and treatment through traditional Chinese medicine, and drug research and development, resulting in some leading enterprises and successful cases. However, problems remain in further development and promotion of AI medical applications. Regarding these issues, the following policy options are proposed. The data access channels need to be expanded, and supervision systems of different levels and respective supporting management systems should be improved. AI-based medical treatment not yet well received by the public needs to be promoted. The authorities need to improve the environment for the development of smart medical applications and pay attention to some key areas. Efforts are also needed in building public data platforms, improving approval systems of different levels and different categories, and developing respective supporting management systems and ethical standards to drive the application of AI technologies in the medical industry and bring tangible benefits to the public.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, medical care, bottlenecks, further development