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Resolve the Difficulty in Land Use for Rural Industrial Development (No.192, 2021)

Sep 07,2021

By Zhao Junchao, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.192, 2021 (Total 6257) 2021-7-9

Abstract: The difficulty in land use has restricted rural industrial development and blocked the implementation of the rural renewal strategy. Luchuan county in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has activated idle land and brought the land stock for construction into practical use in light of local conditions across the administrative region, thus providing sufficient supply of land for rural industrial development. The solution for land use difficulty in Luchuan county not only boosted rural industrial development, enhanced land use efficiency and built up the collective economy, but also helped migrant workers get employed in their hometowns by receiving the transferred businesses from development regions and developing processing and manufacturing industries in home villages, leading to the improvement of industrial development and people’s livelihood. Luchuan county’s experience shows that we need to make painstaking efforts in improving land use efficiency; we need to stick to the principle that land is for use rather than for sales; land layout needs to be designed according to industrial development arrangements; we need to accommodate the interests of all sides in our work. China’s county-level rural land stock has huge potential for being brought into active use. By drawing on Luchuan’s experience, we need to remove policy hurdles and accelerate the efficient use of rural land stock.

Keywords: rural renewal, difficulty in land use, activate land reserves, land stock for construction