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The Concentration of Husbandry Industry Has Improved and Industrialized Husbandry Is Rising (No.194, 2021)

Sep 07,2021

By Zhang Yunhua, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC & Zhang Chen, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Research Report, No.194, 2021 (Total 6259) 2021-7-12

Abstract: China’s husbandry industry is experiencing major changes. With the withdrawal of a large number of small and medium-sized livestock breeding households from the market, the husbandry industry has seen improving concentration and developed from a traditional industry to a technology-and- capital-intensive-oriented one. Evidently, industrialized husbandry is rising. Improving concentration and industrialized husbandry can make the industry develop with an intensive, standardized and intelligent mode, reduce production costs, improve efficiency and swiftly increase the capacity of the industry. By so doing, the sector will be enabled to enhance capability of resisting market risks and animal diseases as well as dealing with the treatment of excrements in a centralized manner. However, the concentration of husbandry and supply in large-scale enterprises might lead to regional monopoly. The development of husbandry industry needs to be in line with the major changes of improving concentration and industrialization. It needs to foster the ideas of industrialized production and management, improve planning and management for matching supplies and demands, develop ecological husbandry integrating planting and breeding industries in rural areas, and take targeted measures to cultivate small- and medium-sized professional breeding households. Related departments need to roll out differentiated and inclusive environmental protection policies toward small- and medium-sized households and formulate regional anti-monopoly plans for meat supplies.

Keywords: husbandry industry, concentration degree, improvement, industrialized husbandry industry, rising