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Macro Science and Technology Coordination Mechanism in the United States: Practice and Enlightenment (No.200, 2021)

Sep 13,2021

By Shen Hengchao & Sun Jie, Research Team on “Self-reliance of Science and Technology: Approach, System and Policy”, DRC

Research Report, No.200, 2021 (Total 6265) 2021-7-19

Abstract: The United States has a fairly mature macro coordination mechanism for science and technology. Coordinating agencies include the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the National Science and Technology Council, the Office of Management and Budget, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, and relevant congressional agencies. In the process of decision-making and implementation of national cross-sectoral science and technology planning such as the National Quantum Initiative Act (NQI Act) and the National Advanced Manufacturing Program of the United States, America’s macro science and technology coordination mechanism mainly plays three roles of clarifying strategic missions, coordinating the implementation of tasks, and integrating science and technology resources. What China can learn from the U.S. practice is as follows: the central government needs to have strong coordination capacity in strategic fields of science and technology that embody the national will, while maintaining a balanced budget for the rest fields; China needs to focus on reaching consensus between government departments and the general public when clarifying and implementing strategic tasks, and strive to unite the strength of government departments, industry and academia; the coordination agencies need to be high-level comprehensive organizations with permanent entities, full-time staff and decision-making power in funds allocation rather than temporary deliberative and consultative bodies.

Keywords: science and technology, integration and coordination, inspiration, the United States