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Controversies on Trials of Digital RMB by China’s Central Bank: Policy Options (No.240, 2021)

Oct 29,2021

By Chen Daofu & Zhang Jiaming, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

Research Report, No.240, 2021 (Total 6305) 2021-9-2

Abstract: The pilot research and development of digital currency made by China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China,is among the top list of the world, the performance of which has attracted wide attention. However, the unceasing controversies and doubts on digital RMB show that the market players and the public do not have a clear and proper understanding of digital currency, which has made it necessary for the central bank to make more explanations to identify the role of digital RMB in terms of its value. The value of China’s digital RMB needs to be viewed objectively. While playing a transitional role at present, the digital RMB is expected to reshape the financial system and drive the evolution of currency form in the long run. Since it is aimed for future digital era, it is too early to follow current concept and launch credit currency technologies to contain the development room of digital currency and make direct shift to cryptocurrency featured by decentralization and de-intermediation which might affect the stability of the monetary and financial system. Efforts are needed to curb risks induced in the transformation period prior to the coming of digital economy era.

Keywords: digital currency, central bank, stable currency