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Introduce Comprehensive Policies for Promoting a Sound Development of Consumer Finance (No.239, 2021)


By Zhang Liping, Research Institute of Finance; Ren Shipan & Xu Yue, Personnel Bureau of General Office, DRC

Research Report, No.239, 2021 (Total 6304) 2021-9-2

Abstract: In recent years, China’s consumer finance has witnessed a booming development on a large scale, which has brought convenience to the people for their daily consumption and propelled consumer motivation and the promotion of the transformation of driving forces for economic growth. However, in the course of swift development of consumer finance, nude loans, usurious loans, violent debt collection and some other disordered activities have loomed up. The reason behind that is that some consumer finance providers, with a weak sense of social responsibility, offered services in different ways accessible to the consumers for excessive profit seeking. For higher-quality development of consumer finance, we need to bring into play its role in supporting consumption and resolve the problems such as disordered consumer finance expansion, unreasonable pricing of products and improper protection of consumers’ rights and interests. In addition, we need to regulate supply of consumer finance, guide consumers toward reasonable consumption, curb unreasonable demand, clarify standards for interests and fees to lower the overall rates of credits, and strengthen protection for consumers’ rights and interests in a bid to forestall and defuse financial risks and promote a sound development of consumer finance.

Keywords: consumer finance, sound development, policy options