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Digitizing the Government: New Trends and Focal Points (No.244, 2021)


By Wang Junli & Sun Fei, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.244, 2021 (Total 6309) 2021-9-3

Abstract: The 14th Five-Year-Plan period is critical in government’s digitization, which is also playing a guiding role in China’s strive for the high-quality development of both digital economy and digital society. At present, government’s digitization is in a new landscape: the development of government’s digitization featured by the super platform is undergoing continuous optimization; the “global service” is extending the radius of government service supply; the micro-governance at grass-root level is becoming the new direction for digital governance; the supervision over digital technology will get increasingly strengthened. In the meantime, the government’s digitization is still faced with some unsettled problems including the widening regional gaps, the escalating contradictions between out-dated institutions and the vitality of digital development, the relatively low added value gained in government data resource sharing and the urgent needs to refine the application scope and user experience. To promote government’s digitization in a solid and orderly manner in the future, efforts are needed in the following aspects. First, the balanced allocation of digital resources across the country needs to be proactively facilitated so as to eliminate the digital divide and digital poverty. Second, the institutional mechanism for innovation activities needs to be coordinated with the aim of fostering the new synergies between institutional reform and technological application. Third, the capability to extensively process digital resources needs to be strengthened in order to gain more added value in digitization. Fourth, a digital ecosystem needs to be formulated so as to promote trials of new application with special and unique features.

Keywords: digital government; digital ecosystem; efficiency improvement