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The Promotion of Carbon Labeling System and the Low-Carbon Transformation from Production-Side Performance toward a Consumption-Led Growth (No.254, 2021)

Nov 09,2021

By Wang Yufei, Management World Magazine

Research Report, No.254, 2021 (Total 6319) 2021-9-9

Abstract: Carbon labeling system, a typical carbon emission disclosure tool and market-based motivation mechanism, is aimed at guiding consumers to establish a low-carbon consumption concept and help the enterprises to enhance their low-carbon competitiveness by examining and calculating the carbon footprint of products and services throughout their life cycles. This system has accumulated relatively rich experience in some European countries as well as in the U.S., Japan, South Korea and otherwise. In comparison, however, its importance and the practical enlightenments are not well accepted by China and only several types of products have witnessed the introduction of carbon labeling system. To achieve the dual-carbon goals (see note), work needs to be done to promote carbon labeling system in a scientific and orderly manner, laying the foundation for the access to monitoring, reporting and verifying of carbon emissions. To this end, this paper proposes the following policy options. One, related government departments need to flesh out relevant legislation and top-level design so as to provide enhanced motivation and supportive measures. Two, industrial associations are encouraged to become the centers for enterprises to obtain carbon labels and guide enterprises to carry out carbon label certification and management based on carbon verification. Three, in view of the diversity of carbon label application industries and the complexity of accounting technologies, pilot trials could be made in some key industries and regions.

Keywords: carbon label, carbon footprint, dual-carbon goal

Note: The dual-carbon goals refer to the fact that China will make efforts to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality i.e. the realization of net zero carbon emissions by 2060