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Boost Rural Consumption and Investment in the Course of Rural Revitalization (No.260, 2021)

Nov 09,2021

By Qin Zhongchun & Han Yang, Research Team on “Strategic Options on Effectively Expanding and Better Meeting Domestic Demands in the New Era”, DRC

Research Report, No.260, 2021 (Total 6325) 2021-9-13

Abstract: Expanding rural consumption and investment in the new development phase is a significant and urgent issue, whereas it is facing some difficulties in practical management. In recent years, Fujian province has made remarkable achievements in implementing the strategy of rural revitalization through successful trials in expanding rural investment and consumption. The major measures adopted include enhancing rural market and public services to attract investment, innovating rural products, industries and services to boost consumption, and expanding consumption through improving rural ecological environment and cultural activities. Based on collective economic organizations at the village level, the provincial government has given full play to rural resources, brought in high-caliber professionals for rural development and provided guidance on innovations for institutional mechanism reforms. The survey findings collected in Fujian province show that we need to combine the promotion of rural revitalization with the expansion of rural consumption and investment, focus on rural consumption in the course of rural revitalization, place equal emphasis on market entities, government functions and social communities in expanding rural investment and give free rein to the role of collective economic organizations in optimizing the allocation of rural resources.

Keywords: new development phase, expand domestic demands, rural consumption, rural investment