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Quantum Computing: Development Path, Competitive Landscape and Policy Options (No.257, 2021)

Nov 09,2021

By Jia Lukui, Information Center, DRC & Tian Haolai, National High Energy Physics Science Data Center

Research Report, No.257, 2021 (Total 6322) 2021-9-10

Abstract: Quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum detection jointly constitute the most important application field of quantum technology. By analyzing the development path of quantum computing, it is believed that it is still in the stage of specialized quantum computer in the short term, and it is expected to realize commercialization and wide application of quantum annealing machines, quantum simulation of simple molecules, clusters or nanostructures, and also quantum optimization algorithms for artificial intelligence within 5 years. In the medium term, millions of qubits will be achieved in about 10 years, enabling us to solve more complex problems. In the long term, universal quantum computing is expected to become an important source of computing power to drive the operation of digital society in the future. The global competitive landscape for quantum computing has taken shape and become intensified at the national and corporate levels. In order to realize high-level development of quantum computing in China, we need to make efforts in the following five aspects: government support, attracting and encouraging corporate investment, training quantum labor force, updating educational content and building quantum security.

Keywords: quantum computing, development path, competitive landscape, policy options