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Japan’s Macro Coordination Mechanism on Science and Technology: Enlightenment (No.267, 2021)

Nov 11,2021

By Shen Hengchao & Sun Jie, Research Team on “Independent Science and Technology Capabilities: Path, System and Policy”, DRC

Research Report, No.267, 2021 (Total 6332) 2021-9-15

Abstract: Japan has integrated the forces of government, industry, academia and research institutes through a macro science and technology coordination mechanism. Coordinating bodies include the Comprehensive Science and Technology Innovation Conference (CSTI), the Science and Technology Innovation Budget Strategy Conference, the Bureau of Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Affairs of Cabinet Office, the Cabinet Comprehensive Innovation Strategy Promotion Conference, and related agencies of the National Diet of Japan. From the deployed programs and projects of the Science and Technology Basic Plan and the Integrated Innovation Strategy as well as the large-scale science and technology programs directly coordinated by CSTI, we can see that Japan’s macro science and technology coordination mechanism mainly plays a role of condensing strategic tasks, coordinating task implementation, and distributing science and technology resources. The Enlightenment of Japan's experience is as follows. In the field of science and technology strategy reflecting the national will, it not only plans the science and technology resources, but also coordinates the implementation of tasks, and balances the budget in other fields. All links of overall planning and coordination have the direct participation of people from academia and industry. The overall planning and coordination institutions are comprehensive high-level ones with the right to allocate funds and have subordinate professional bodies to undertake specific overall planning and coordination tasks.

Keywords: science and technology coordination, enlightenment, Japan