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Actively Promote International Cooperation in Digital Trade Based on a Nuanced Assessment of Policy Performance in Various Countries (No.306, 2021)

Dec 16,2021

By Zhang Qi, Luo Yuzhe & Chen Hongna, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, DRC

Research Report, No.306, 2021 (Total 6371) 2021-10-21

Abstract: Digital trade has become a new driver of international trade and economic growth. It has served as a new arena for international cooperation and competition due to high attention paid by different countries. Both the United States and Europe try to play a leading role in the formulation of digital trade rules. The United Kingdom seeks to establish a digital trade network with extensive connections in the course of Brexit. Japan participates in the establishment of international rules based on regional trade agreements, and Singapore promotes the formulation of digital trade rules through flexible and efficient negotiation mechanism of free trade agreement. Influenced by various factors, digital trade policies of different countries have shown the characteristics of evolving from focusing on single issues to comprehensive ones, interactions between domestic policy regulatory frameworks and international rule systems, as well as imbalance between the willingness and ability relating to opening up and making rules. In face of the instability and uncertainty of global economic recovery amid COVID-19 pandemic, digital trade boasts an important role in injecting new momentum into trade and economic growth, providing strong support for the development of global digital economy and supply chain stability, and promoting global digital transformation and market space expansion. All countries need to go with the trend of the times, seek common ground while reserving differences, and follow the principle of achieving mutual and beneficial cooperation for digital trade growth through open-oriented consultations and collaborations

Keywords: digital trade, policies, rules, international cooperation