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Yu Bin

Nov 15,2022


Yu Bin

Yu Bin, male, Han ethnicity, was born in July 1964 in Jingshan, Hubei province. He started his career in July 1987 and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in October 1993. He was awarded a Master's degree in economics from the Department of Economics at Peking University. 

Yu became a member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice President of the Development Research Center (DRC) of the State Council in June 2022. He is the spokesperson, a research fellow and the Secretary-general of the Academic Committee of DRC. Yu is also a specialist entitled to the special allowance of the State Council and a member of the Chinese Economists 50 Forum (CE50). 

March 1992–May 2022:

At DRC, Yu successively served as Deputy Director and Director of the Research Office of Department of Comprehensive Economic Research; Confidential Secretary of General Office; Deputy Director General of Institute for Enterprise Research; Deputy Director General of Department of Macro-economy; Executive Vice-president and Executive Deputy Editor-in-chief of China Economic Times; President, Party chief and Editor-in-chief of China Economic Times; Director General of Department of Macro-economy; Member of the Party Leadership Group of DRC, and concurrently as Director General of General Office and DRC spokesperson.

Yu has long been engaged in macroeconomic analysis, and the research of regional economic development, as well as enterprises development strategy. He ever taught in the Department of Economics at Zhejiang University and participated several times in drafting the documents for China’s Central Economic Work Conference and the government work report to NPC.

Yu published more than 300 articles in People's Daily, Economic Daily, China Economic Times, Management World, Finance & Trade Economics, and Economic Perspectives, etc.. 

Yu’s published books include Towards A Rich & Strong Society: Review of the 30 Years Macroeconomics, Asset Bubble, National Income Distribution: Problems and Solutions, Chinese Inflation: Analysis of Factors for Rising Prices in China, Into the Next Round of Chasing: From Quantity Expansion to Quality Upgrade, and From Anti-Crisis to the New Normal, etc..