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Promote better distribution and balanced development of talent across regions (No. 19, 2023)

Feb 23,2023

By Li Zuojun & Sun Fei, Institute for Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No. 19 2023 (Total 6968) 2023-2-6

Abstract: The report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China said that there was a need to "promote the better distribution and balanced development of talent across regions", setting the course for the work on talent distribution across regions in the new era. At present, disproportionate talent distribution between regions, as well as urban and rural areas, is prominent, and the problem is especially outstanding for high-end talents. The order of talent flow needs to be regulated as well. The great differences of economic development between regions, different levels of industrial development, the unbalanced layout of universities and research institutions, as well as institutional barriers in talent flow are the main reasons behind these problems. In the new development stage, it is suggested to develop scientific plans to better guide talent distribution between regions; to establish a national unified market to promote the coordinated development of regional economy, to draw on each other’s strengths to improve levels of industrial development in relatively disadvantaged areas; to enhance regional resource sharing to create a more balanced layout of universities and research institutions; and to regulate order of talent flow to speed up the improvement of talent flow systems between regions.

Key words: talent distribution across regions, balanced allocation, coordinated development