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Further Leverage the Key Role of City Clusters in the Shandong Peninsula in Promoting High-quality Development in the Yellow River Basin (No.16, 2023)

Feb 23,2023

By Li Zuojun and Wang Bingwen, Research Team on the High-quality Development of City Clusters in the Shandong Peninsula, Institute for Public Administration and Human Resources DRC; Xun Guangxin, Development Research Center of the People’s Government of Shandong Province

Research Report, No.16 2023 (Total 6965) 2023-2-1

Abstract: City clusters in the Shandong Peninsula is of great importance to China, and have played a key role in promoting high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin. In recent years, the clusters, which have apparent advantages, huge momentum and great potential, have pushed for the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones, taking solid steps to advance high-quality development. However, there is still a large proportion of traditional industries. Energy consumption per unit of GDP is high. Capacity for scientific and technological innovation is not yet strong enough. The clusters have not exerted a strong influence on others, and the cohesion of major cities needs to be enhanced. In order to further leverage the key role of the clusters, it is suggested to urge them to implement instructions in a circular given by the State Council to replace old growth drivers with new ones in Shandong province and promote green and low-carbon high-quality development; support the clusters in actively carrying out China’s regional strategic integrated pilot projects; accelerate the building of pilot zones for green and low-carbon high-quality development; continuously develop comprehensive experimental zones for the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones; and make the clusters a pacesetter for opening-up and cooperation.   

Key words: the Yellow River Basin, city clusters in the Shandong Peninsula, high-quality development