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Experiences, challenges and suggestions of leading cities in promoting common prosperity: a survey on Beijing's practice (No. 10, 2023)

Feb 27,2023

By Yang Xiaodong, Zhao Zheng, Institute for Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC; Yang Yongheng, Beijing Development and Reform Policy Research Center 

Research Report, No. 10 2023 (Total 6959), 2023-01-16

Abstract: As some of the most economically developed areas in China, leading cities possess stronger foundations to promote common prosperity through high-quality development, and their experience in promoting common prosperity has great referential value. We selected Beijing as a typical example to further analyze and summarize their experience, which can be repeated and promoted to better solve existing problems. The city’s experiences include improving labor efficiency and giving more weight to primary labor distribution through innovation of talent, guiding resource elements to be invested in economically disadvantaged areas, promoting social justice by enhancing the expansion and upgrade of basic public services, and satisfying citizens' diversified needs through further exploring cultural resources to improve city governance. The problems faced by Beijing include the substantial income disparity between urban and rural residents, the unstable internal structure of the middle-income group, the large income gap between industries and the inadequate supply of public services. It is advised to further expand channels of achieving prosperity through hard work, to optimize the structure of the middle-income group, to accelerate the exploration of effective methods to achieve coordinated development between urban and rural areas, to facilitate equitable access to basic public services, as well as to accelerate the improvement of social governance mechanisms that can respond to public concerns.

Key words: leading cities, common prosperity, Beijing's experience