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Thoughts and suggestions on promoting the digital management of megacities : The urban digital transformation of Shanghai as an organism (No.29, 2023)

Apr 04,2023

By Long Haibo, the Center for International Knowledge on Development, China 

Research Report, No.29, 2023 (Total 6978) 2023-02-13

Abstract: A megacity is a complex and huge organism. In the digital era, digital transformation not only help improve the connectivity of data from the inside and outside of megacities, but also drive innovation of governance concepts and models. In recent years, Shanghai has coordinated the comprehensive digital transformation of the city’s economy, life and governance, in a bid to expand and specify management applications and upgrade megacities’ digital governance by leveraging more data. Compared with other megacities, Shanghai, with the help of its "Government Online-Offline" and " One-stop Online Administrative Service" government services, has integrated its innovative development advantages and further enriched urban digital governance applications in complicated situations, in a bid to promote the city’s overall transformation, all-round empowerment and revolutionary restructuring. In terms of the development trend of digitalization, future megacities will pay more attention to professionalism, excellence and resilience in specified management. It is necessary to stimulate participants’ initiative and creativity, so as to accelerate the establishment of a secure and credible data governance framework and to set up and optimize a platform on digital communication and collaborations of people’s opinions. 

Key words: megacities, specified management, digital transformation, organism