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Strengthening Asian rice security cooperation mechanism(No.40, 2023)

Apr 12,2023

By Ning Xia, Zhang Yunhua, Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report No.40, 2023 (Total 6989) 2023-3-3 

Abstract: Rice is the most important grain variety in China and neighboring countries in Asia. The production and consumption of rice has strong territoriality in Asia, but the lack of cooperation between countries has reduced the efficiency of resource allocation, and the mutual blockade during different food crises further aggravates the situation. It is of great strategic significance for China to strengthen cooperation with other Asian countries in the rice supply chain, which will help relieve the pressure of domestic rice production, ensure domestic supply and enhance rice security. It will also help increase rice production capacity in neighboring countries in Asia and improve regional food security and enhance win-win cooperation between China and neighboring countries in Asia, making it an important measure of building a community with a shared future for mankind. Strengthening rice security cooperation mechanism among Asian countries, enhancing exchanges and cooperation in rice-related science and technology in Asia, expanding economic and trade cooperation in the rice industry, and pushing forward governance cooperation in rice security between China and neighboring countries will be conducive to implementing the international food security cooperation initiative put forward by China, and safeguarding China’s rice security and food security.

Key words: rice security, neighboring countries in Asia, cooperation