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Employment and Social Security for Land-Lost Farmers


Apart from the large and medium-scale infrastructure construction, China’s non-agricultural construction that occupies cultivated land mainly concentrates on the suburban areas and economically developed areas where there are more people but less cultivated land.

Current Status Quo of and Bright Development Prospects for the Trust Market in China*


The assets management business is a specialized business of financial institutions aimed at increasing the value of assets of fund suppliers in the financial market.

Private Enterprises Should Be the Main Player on Company Bond Market


These are difficult objectives as they require a big leap from "government-based resource allocation" to "market-based resource allocation" through system reform.

Loosening Control over Telecom Charges to Promote Competition in the Telecom Sector


Although a competitive market structure has taken shape in China’s telecommunication industry, the regulation reform lags relatively behind.

Sharpen Talent Competitive Edge and Promote Sustainable Economic Development


Talent competitiveness is a comparative advantage in the quantity, quality, development and efficiency of talents that helps an organization to realize strategy and develop business against other organizations.

Industrial Effect of a China-Japan- Korea FTA: Cross-sector Analysis


Over the past year, China, Japan, and Korea all maintained good economic growth, and created a new situation of healthy interaction through bilateral trade and investment.

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