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Developed Countries’ Experiences and Enlightenments in Supporting and Regulating Sharing Economies (No.134, 2018)


In recent years, sharing economies developed well in developed countries.

Quality Evaluations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship-Oriented Education in Foreign Institutions of Higher Learning: Experience and Enlightenments (No.131, 2018)


Objective evaluations of the higher education quality is a common practice for all countries to ensure and improve the quality of teaching in colleges and universities and to promote educational reform.

The Development of Urbanization in Yunnan Province in the Coming Few Years: Strategies and Suggestions (No.130, 2018)


The innovation development of Yunnan province’s urbanization in the coming few years should be aimed at improving the level and quality of urbanization development in accordance with the principle of adapting market-oriented measures to local conditions and based on opening up, innovation and fair sharing.

Yunnan Province’s Urbanization Drive: Some Issues to Be Noted in the Next Few Years (No.129, 2018)


Yunnan province’s urbanization will continue to develop at a rapid pace in the next five to ten years and its urbanization rate will go beyond 50 percent.

The Current Consumption Transformation: Influence, Challenges and Policy Options (No.128, 2018)


China’s consumption is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in consumption items, ways of consumption for different consumers and the layout of consumption market.