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International Rules of Digital Trade: American Approach and China’s Strategy (No.127, 2018)


At present, the new generation of network information technology represented by Internet, big data and cloud computing is widely applied in the world, and digital trade has become a hot spot of international trade.

Global Food Safety: Impacts on China and Countermeasures (No.125, 2018)


Driven by the factors including population growth, economic development and technological advancement, the amount of global food consumption and production will continue to increase and the overall performance of global food safety will witness improvement by 2035.

Analysis on the Changes of Economic Pattern in Northeast China(No.124, 2018)


Since 2012, the economic development in northeast China has witnessed a notable decline, and the pressure for transformation development is relatively high.

China’s Green Growth Viewing from the Perspective of International Comparison: Progress and Countermeasures(Special Issue,No.22)


Viewing from the perspective of international comparison, this paper gives a brief analysis of China’s economic and industrial development and its environmental impacts in the world as well as a systematic evaluation of China’s relative progress in global green growth according to the OECD green growth analysis framework and measurement indicators.

The Participation of Non-governmental Organizations in Social Governance: Results and Problems(No.21, 2018)


Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China’s social governance by non-governmental organizations has made major progress in legal construction, performance space, incubation support and enforced supervision.