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China’s Leading Position in Regional Economic Cooperation(No.78, 2016)


Regional economic cooperation will witness the following features.

Policy Options on Speeding Up the Integration Between Financial Capital and Cultural Industry(No. 77, 2016)


The financing difficulty in cultural industry has seriously restricted its rapid development.

The Present Principal Obstructions Curbing the Integration of Financial Capital with Cultural Industry(No.76, 2016)


The development of cultural industry can play an irreplaceable role in stabilizing the economic growth.

Giving Full Play to External Innovation Resources to Promote China’s Open-Oriented Innovation(No. 74, 2016)


The policy environment relating to the open-oriented innovation strategy in China needs to be improved.

Reform of China’s Income Distribution System: History and Experience(No. 22, 2016)


China’s income distribution system has experienced some changes before and after the reform.

Tax Reduction Effect of VAT for Business Tax across the Board: An Analysis Based on Input-Output Table(No.73, 2016)


The pilot program of VAT replacing business tax has been advanced across the board.