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Promoting Venture Capital Investment Plus Bank Loan Business Model with ClearRegulatory Framework(No.13, 2016)


In recent years, venture capital investment plus bank loan business model has become more and more popular in banking sector.

Evaluation on Innovation Input Intensity of China’s Listed Manufacturing Enterprises (No 12, 2016)


This report takes dual indicators of the corporate R&D input intensity and per capita HR capital input intensity to formulate a double-dimensional model for evaluating a company’s innovation input intensity.

Improvement and Promotion of PPP 2.0 Mode in FTA of Qianhai and Shekou in Shenzhen City (No 11, 2015)


Qianhai and Shekou are two free trade areas (FTA) in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province.

A Comprehensive Approach toward the Disposal of Non-performing Loans and Structure Adjustment (No.10, 2016)


Recently, the balance of non-performing loansof China’s commercial banks has increased to that amount of 2005.

Accelerate Coal Utilization by Gradation and Quality and Promote China’s Energy Production Revolution(No.9,2016)


Coal utilization by gradation and quality is a crucial approach to achieving clean and efficient use of coal and promoting China’s energy production revolution.

Targeted Measures for Haze Pollution Control in the Heating Season with Minimal Input(No.8, 2016)


In recent years, severe outbreaks of haze weather have frequently occurred in China’s heating season, which has become a general public concern.

The 13th Five-Year Plan: “Going Global” by China’s Financial Sector (No.7,2016)


During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China’s outbound direct investment developed rapidly, making China a net exporter of capital.

The Development and Experience of the European Emerging Logistics Clusters (No 6, 2016)


Since the turn of the new century, there have been a series of new changes in the logistics clusters and industrial clusters in Europe.