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The Impact of Local Governments' Debt Swap Program on Listed Banks (No 138, 2015)


This paper aims at a quantitative measurement of the impact imposed by local governments' bond-for-debt swap program on listed banks.

How High a Non-Performing Loan Ratio could China's Financial System Endure? (No 137, 2015)


This paper made an estimation of the capability of China's banking system.

Experience from Five Times of "Stable Growth" since the Founding of New China (No 136, 2015)


The present economic downturn shares some characteristics with the previous five times but also differs significantly.

Reasons for Three Economic Downturns since Reform and Opening-up and Relevant Management Measures (No 135, 2015)


This paper analyzes reasons for China's three economic downturns since the reform and opening-up as well as management measures relating to these downturns.

The Causes of and Solutions to the Two Economic Downturns in Early Days of New China (No 134, 2015)


For years from the early days of its founding to the end of 20th century China had witnessed several swift drops in GDP growth for three years.

Features of China's Regional Difference Evolvement since Reform and Opening-up (No 133, 2015)


This paper analyzes changes of disparities in different regions' per capita output, regional labor productivity, regional productivity of three industries, and regional employment proportions.

Analysis of the Mechanism to Promote the Development of Service Sector through Informatization (No 132, 2015)


Since 1960s, informatization has been fueling the transformation of global industrial structure from "industrial economy" to "service economy".

Policy Options to Strengthen Innovation in the Operation and Management System for State-owned Cultural Assets under the New Normal (No 131, 2015)


The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we would develop China's cultural industry into the pillar of national economy by 2020.