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How does the government formulate and implement industrial technology plan (No 66, 2015)


The 3rd Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee came up with the decision that the market should play a leading role for technology research.

Social financing scale in the new normal (No 65, 2015)


This paper holds that moderate contraction of social financing scale in the new normal is considered reasonable.

Suggestions for further promoting regional financial reform (No 64, 2015)


Financial reform in Wenzhou has made much progress and gained some experience since it was launched.

How far is China's agricultural subsidy from the top limit of "Amber Box" (No 63, 2015)


In recent years, a series of "amber box" subsidy measures have been taken by Chinese government to protect and mobilize farmers' enthusiasm to grow grains.

Farmers' cooperatives: Practice and inspirations frawn from China's Taiwan Province (No 62, 2015)


In China's Taiwan Province, Farmer's Association is the oldest comprehensive organization for farmers, boasting the widest coverage and the largest number of members.

Pilot practice of self-governance in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province (No 61, 2015)


In order to improve self-governance efficiency, a pilot practice has been made in some townships.

Trial practice on and basic approach towards the improvement of villagers' self-governance in Zhejiang Province (No 60, 2015)


The rapid development of urbanization and swift construction of new-type villages have exerted a great influence on geographical border, population composition, development form and management method.

Survey on new type of rural community governance in Xinxiang City (No 59, 2015)


Xinxiang has made efforts on developing new rural communities in rural and urban integration.