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Transition from traditional media to new media (No 50, 2015)


To promote the integration of traditional media with new media is a major strategic development in line with the decision made by CPC Central Committee.

Case study on the development of mixed ownership economy in China (No 49, 2015)


Competitive edge, dominance and influence of State-owned economy could gain advantage from development of mixed ownership economy.

Development of the mixed ownership economy in China: Main problems & countermeasures (No 48, 2015)


Development of mixed ownership economy is favorable for enhancing the competitive edge, dominance and influence of State-owned economy.

International financial laws: Development trend and implications to China (No 47, 2015)


This paper provides a comparison between the two international law systems, the Anglo-American Law System and the Continental Law System.

Agriculture-business industrial alliance: A positive exploration for agricultural products' circulation (No 46, 2015)


Agriculture-business industrial alliance mode constructs an e-commerce platform for the integration of internet exchange, supply chain management and socialized service.

The nature and functional connotations of land management right of the third party operators (No 45, 2015)


"The separation of three rights" of land ownership right, contract right and management right is a principal line governing reform of agricultural land system.

Major practice and inspirations from the development of "sixth-sector industrialization" in Japan (No 44, 2015)


Japan raised the development concept of "sixth-sector industrialization" against the background that farmers had difficulties in finding jobs and increasing income.

Reform of institutional mechanism of logistics innovation (No 43, 2015)


Promotion of logistics innovation plays a key role in the economic development pattern transition.