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Basic approach towards accelerating logistics innovation development in China (No 42, 2015)


With the economic development entering the stage of new normal, China's logistics industry is experiencing a key period of transferring development engine.

Logistics innovation in developed countries (No 41, 2015)


Developed countries have witnessed a diversified and deep innovation of logistics industry since 1980s.

Stimulate the vitality of market participants to help movie industry "go global" (No 40, 2015)


The strategy of "going global" for culture industry plays an important role in achieving industrial transformation and upgrading.

P2P industry: Overview and problems (No 39, 2015)


P2P industry is an important part of Internet finance.

The current situation, existing problems and corresponding policy suggestions for small loan companies (No 38, 2015)


Small loan companies have witnessed significant development since the launching of the pilot project.

Suggestions to perfect financial legal framework in China (No 37, 2015)


Even though China's financial legal system has taken shape, there are still quite a few weak links compared with the requirement for deepening the reform and promoting the rule of law comprehensively.

The current situation and defects of China's financial law system (No 36, 2015)


After 20 years' development, China's financial law system has advanced from a low level to a moderate level step by step.

Mortgage of rural land management rights in Zhejiang Province (No 35, 2015)


Rural land management rights and agricultural productive assets are not regarded as valid pledge.