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Sheng Sanhua, Li Zuojun: Making pollution prevention a top priority


Pollution prevention is more effective than treatment, and China should shift work focus from treatment to prevention.

Li Zuojun: China's economy begins with comprehensively deepened reform for 2015


The year 2015 remains a period of important strategic opportunities for the Chinese economy.

E-commerce development trends in the new normal


China is seeking new driving forces to boost its economic development.

Business operators' judgment on China's macro-economic situation (No 10, 2015)


This paper is the first part of the Report of 2014 Follow-up Survey of Chinese Enterprise Operators.

Doctors' work and remuneration: International experiences and inspirations (No 9, 2015)


This paper studies doctors' work and pay in the UK, Germany, the US, Singapore and China.

Aggregate policy and structural policy complementing each other in macro-control (No 8, 2015)


In a monetary economy, nominal aggregate demand decides real aggregate supply in the short term.

Promoting the transformation of regional financing platforms into companies (No 7, 2015)


Assets of regional financing platforms account for more than half of local government assets.

Pushing forward greater mixed ownership development (No 6, 2015)


China has had some achievements in its mixed ownership economy but there is still a lot to be done.