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Suggestions on establishing a physical platform for further Sino-African cooperation (No 157, 2014)


China and Africa have seen some good results in cooperation.

Increased pollution control in China's dyeing and printing industries (No 156, 2014)


China's printing and dyeing industry has an important role in its textile industry.

Major problems in China's rainwater utilization and how to deal with them (No 155, 2014)


Rainwater utilization is important in dealing with urban water shortages and flooding, and for improving the urban environment.

Public concerns of the Chinese--Analysis report on 8,000 households in eight provinces and cities (No 154, 2014)


A questionnaire given to 8,000 households of eight Chinese provinces and cities found that most are basically satisfied with current living conditions

People's request in both urban and rural areas on compulsory education and policy suggestions (No 153,2014)


A household survey in 2013 showed that half of China's urban and rural people are satisfied with their education.

Basic principles for land transfer (No 152, 2014)


Transfer of rural land concerns the welfare of hundreds of millions of farmers, and economic and social development.

Basic guidelines for doing a good job in the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the new period (No 151, 2014)


President Xi Jinping has said that China can become strong, beautiful and wealthy only if its agriculture is strong, rural areas are beautiful and farmers get better-off.

Impact of inadequate innovation in enterprises on industrial upgrading in Wenzhou and relevant enlightenments (No 150, 2014)


This is an analysis of funds, technology and personnel input in innovation in Wenzhou's enterprises and industries during China's economic development.