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Layout and trend of urban service industries in China


The research in the report analyzes the layout and trend of various urban service industries in China, showing significant difference in service clustering or equalization.

Bubbles in China's economic cycle


Economic bubbles are an extreme form of structural imbalance. They are common in economic transformation periods.

Contribution of China's economic growth to global economic growth


As China increasingly integrates into the international economy, it has driven the economic development of other countries and regions in the world and has also seen its own development grow.

US 2050 regional development new strategy and its implications


The US 2050 regional development new strategy is a research project aiming to work out the top-level design for regional development in the next three to four decades in the US.

Government and coal industry overcome difficulties together


It has been over two years since China's coal economy saw a decline in operations from November 2011.

Suggestions for development of contiguous destitute areas


The development of contiguous destitute areas to promote common prosperity is an essential part of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020.

Analysis of decline in China's economic growth


China's economic growth rate has been declining recently for the following reasons.

Promoting cooperation and building a heavy pollution monitoring and early warning system


Monitoring and early warning is a prerequisite to take emergency action against heavy pollution.