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Problems and solutions to China's allocation of productive forces


Comprehensive measures are needed to optimize the allocation of productive forces in China.

Problems with the allocation of productive forces


The idea of the allocation of productive forces is similar to the spatial planning of Western market economy theory.

Analysis of economic operations and policies in Central China


Central China's economy had steady growth from January to May, 2014, and the macro-economic situation was good in general.

Questionnaire analysis on China's export situation in first half of 2014


To better understand the trends in China's export business and the problems that foreign trade enterprises face, and to provide a basis for policy adjustments, the DRC's foreign trade researchers have handed out a questionnaire twice a year for the past several years.

The role and impact of Chinese investment in foreign countries


China began increasing direct investment in foreign countries when it started its "going out" strategy.

China's green economic development measure and policy interpretation


A green economic development measure index system is used to explore China's green economy.

China's economical-resource, environmentally friendly society and ecological efforts


China has seen great achievements in its economy, but its large resource and energy imports and pollutants have put pressure on resources and the environment at home and abroad.

Improving teacher ethics and discipline


Teacher ethics are a fundamental concern, but many problems have been appearing in primary and middle schools.